Our services

Since our company started its business, we have always served our customers with everything they need so that they can follow threw their exhibition or any other event. We have the knowledge, the crew and the inventory to quickly and effective deliver solutions that our customers requires.

Exhibitions and events
Our long experience makes us to your perfect whole solutions provider for your upcoming exhibition or other event. We offer all our services in Sweden and abroad.

Project management
We can offer whole solution contracts for organizers to manage their customers with ideas, production, project management and all forms of communication about orders and implementation of their stands och representation.

If you need more information or have any questions about our project management, feel free to contact us. You can find our contact information here.

All forms of events
We offer our services to all kinds of events such as product presentations, kick offs, summons, show rooms and permanent and mobile exhibitions. The limits are set by our customers.

Graphic production
All forms of graphic productions can be ordered and delivered by us. You can order productions such as signs, logotypes, banners or decorations for buildings. There is not much that we can’t do. Our partners are the best in the business and delivers always high quality products, regardless size or quantity.

Product rentals
Our vast stock of products has everything that our customers needs for their events, from information disks to coffee makers and walls. Our business idea is built on having a big stock in our warehouses so that we can serve our customers quickly and effective… If there is something that we don’t have, we weill buy it just for you so that you can rent it in your event. That’s how easy we solve problems like this.