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Rental and buy carpets

Here at City Expo you will find everything you need for your event, from tables and chairs to AV technology and complete stands. In this section you will find all our products and services that can be rented and/or bought from us. Please look around in our range of products and services and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need further information at or +46 (8) 764 46 44.

Carpet Red
Carpet Black
Carpet Yellow
Carpet Clear red
Carpet Green
Carpet Bluegreen
Carpet Purple
Carpet Denim
Carpet Wine red
Carpet Grey
Carpet Brown
Carpet Clear green
Carpet Graphite
Carpet Dark blue
Carpet Light blue
Carpet Sand
Bye Carpet Yellow
Bye Carpet Orange
Bye Carpet Warm red
Bye Carpet Deep red
Bye Carpet Light pink
Bye Carpet Dark purple
Bye Carpet Purple
Bye Carpet Ligh tpurple
Bye Carpet Raspberry
Bye Carpet Petuina
Bye Carpet Dark blue
Bye Carpet Marine
Bye Carpet Clear blue
Bye Carpet Light blue
Bye Carpet Light turquoise
Bye Carpet Turquoise
Bye Carpet Dark turquoise
Bye Carpet Dark green
Bye Carpet Spring green
Bye Carpet Pistage
Bye Carpet Graphite
Bye Carpet Dark grey
Bye Carpet Light grey