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Information for exhibitors

In this section you will find the most important information you need as an exhibitor. If not anything else is specified in a contract between us and our customers, the information below is standard. You can always contact us if you have questions or need further information but please take your time and read the information here and you might find answers to your questions.

Ordering rules
All orders must reech us by mail, e-mail or fax. We expect that our customers use our own order form or a simular document that we have created for a specific event. Please notice that some products can be out of order and in these cases we always contact our customers in time and offer alternative solutions.

All customer's orders are confirmed by us by a confirmation e-mail (same address that has been given in the order form). Please notice that in exhibitions and simular events, the order must be done at the latest on the date that the organizer has set as last ordering day. If orders are made after that date, we add a 10% fee on the product or service price..

Payment of invoice
Invoices are prepared and sent after a finished project and the payment period is 20 days. These payment rules are applicable for customers that are registrated as Swedish companies or organisations. For foreign customers, the invoices are prepared and sent out together with the confirmation e-mail. The invoices must be paid at the latest the day before our services and products are delivered.

Delivery of goods
All customer's goods that are delivered to an event must be marked with the event's name, time, place, exhibitor's name and stand number. All goods are recieved at the goods recetion. We can offer truck services that are charged by the hour (this service can be ordered in the order form).

Please notice that all goods that leaves the event must provided with a waybill.