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Design and construction

Our company consists of a number of creative people that are focused on all forms of design and graphical shaping. Our sence of functional design and our technical and social competence makes us your best partners.

Graphical shape and design
For many years, our customers relies on our expert knowledge about graphical shaping and construction of stands and events. There is not much that we can't offer our customers, our designers have the knowledge and the tools to design everything from furniture to complete event halls.

Our own production
To have access to our joinery is a big advantage in our industry. Except that we can design our customer's requests, we can construct everything in our own in-house joinery which is big and advanced enough to meet almost every request from our customers. In those few occasions that we can not deliver a request, we use our network of partners which is based on the same high standards that we have.

Print and digital services
We have a big network of partners in the design area, from art directors to print shops for all kinds of prints. There is not much that we can't provide our customers with. We deliver whole solutions for those customers that requests it. That is the reason we have our partner network which is available all days of the week so that we can in a short period of time deliver everything that is needed for a customer.